Credit bureau free loan.


Credit bureau is often the reason why a loan cannot simply be taken out in the way one would like it to be. Because as soon as negative entries are noted there is no longer a chance to get a loan in Germany in the regular way.

You can always read about offers that promise a loan even if the Credit bureau is negative. However, these offers can be safely ignored, as they come from credit intermediaries and so-called financial advisors who primarily want to make money and have little interest in brokering a loan in a difficult situation. In addition, you can usually achieve more in this regard by looking for a Credit bureau-free loan on your own. Best of all abroad.

Only possible to a limited extent in Germany

Only possible to a limited extent in Germany

Since a Credit bureau-free loan in Germany is only possible to a limited extent, the view should go straight abroad in this regard. In our beautiful country, such a loan can only be realized if you can and want to name a solvent co-applicant. But hardly anyone wants to involve a second person in their financial transactions, so a Credit bureau-free loan should be taken out abroad as soon as possible. And on fair terms and without any help or support.

The best offer comes from Liechtenstein

The best offer comes from Liechtenstein

The small Principality of Liechtenstein is known for its reputable banks and banking transactions. No wonder that there is also a bank headquartered there that specializes in loans for foreign customers. For German customers, this means that they can take out a loan from Good Bank – the name of the traditional bank – without asking Credit bureau.

A Credit bureau-free loan from Good Bank is always a small loan that can be obtained for a sum of USD 3,500 or USD 5,000. The bank does not offer any further loan amounts because it has already prepared its offers in advance and customers are also happy to view them on the bank’s website. These finished offers have the advantage that the interest rate does not fluctuate and that as a customer you already know very well which conditions are associated with the offers before you request a loan. So you can think carefully in advance whether you want to use these offers or not.

For example, a Credit bureau-free loan from Liechtenstein must be repaid within 40 months. The interest and the installment amount are fixed and are not based on the security and requirements of the customer. Since the Credit bureau is not queried for the loan, the credit is not entered in the Credit bureau either.

However, as a borrower, you have to have a permanent position in order to take advantage of the bank’s offers. In addition, a garnishment of wages must be signed, which takes effect if the installments of the loan are not paid on time. There are no other options for foreign banks to hold the borrower accountable in the event of default.

Note: Good Bank is easily accessible via the Internet. If there are any questions about the offers, the bank can also be reached by email or phone. A credit intermediary or financial advisor is therefore not necessary in order to be able to use the loan from abroad.